I like to send products out to Makeup Artists and of course regular consumers to test them out for us. I sent Faith Haller a sample of our primer because I know she runs our products thru all kinds of testing. So here is her review of our Perfect Canvas Primer, she also came up with uses for it I never thought of! Her facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/OnlinewithFaithHaller and her website is http://onlinewithfaith.com.  She does makeup and does graphics for if you need brochures, business cards and such check her out and if you need you make up done.

 Review of our Perfect Canvas Primer

Review is long overdo but I’ve had it long enough to test it in every way. This
is a new Silicone Primer that I had the honor of trying from Fusion of Color.
Thank you 
Kathy Hess Duncan for allowing me to test
this. It’s a true honor. So as I said I’ve tried this in many ways. Of course
it’s a primer that you use to apply before makeup. It gives a wonderful new
canvas. It’s a great line fill
er for those that may have
wrinkles or an uneven surface it make it easy for your foundation to glide on
and gives you a smooth finish and surface. I’ve used this in many ways. I’ve
used it for my brows. I’m very particular about my brows and most times if not
wearing makeup my brows will always be done. So for longevity I would apply
this primer to my brow and whatever product I add on top whether it may be
cream/gel/powder/wax whatever it may be this primer made it effortless to
apply. Also it’s a great way to lay stubborn hairs down with a spoolie. One of
my main problem areas is around my nose and under my eyes. I have a natural bag
under my eyes that I was born with. The Primer fills that area sort of like a
new skin. And around my nose I’ve always had some form of irritation there. The
texture would be a little rough even after exfoliation so adding primer there
smooths everything. It’s also good for removing shine and I use it as a lip
primer. My lip products would last so long because of this primer. I absolutely
love it and would recommend this product to anyone and would recommend that you
add this to your kit. I’ve also used it sort of like a medium for mixing my
powders which is nothing new. I’ve done this technique before but never with a
primer like this. For those that don’t like loose powders but you want the
matte finish mixing your loose powders with this would help a lot.

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