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Revlon Spotlight Eyelash Curler

So we’ve been seeing really creative eye makeup stories on the street lately. If you’re going to pare it down, the essence behind any good makeup look is great lashes. You know that perfect curve that arches up towards the brow? The look every girl strives for.

Now, I’ve been blessed with somewhat long lashes I’m throwing all my cards on the table, but their trajectory is everything but up. They stick straight out. If I don’t curl, I look “tired.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pinched myself with an eyelash curler. So the darlings at Revlon sent me their latest innovation— the Spotlight Eyelash Curler.

No more tears, no more missing the edges of my lashes. It’s plastic, it’s lighted and it’s foolproof. The LED light may seem too techy for you, but just press the red diamond to activate (on and off) and it’s like seeing yourself for the first time. Suddenly it’s not some medieval guessing game, the LED light lets you position, aim and pull the trigger so… easily!

Enough of me, go run out to any store near you to see for yourself. I promise they stock Revlon Spotlight Eyelash Curler. If you need more reasons, watch the video below for further instruction.

I bat my lashes to you!

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