babycakes sally  Sally Draper Goes to Babycakes

Photo: Babycakes

If you live in New York or LA chances are you have a gluten-free friend, and chances are that friend’s a fan of Babycakes.

Erin McKenna’s vegan bakery offers one of the largest—and most delicious—selections of gluten free baked goods alongside glutenous cupcakes and doughnuts.  McKenna’s known for getting into the spirit of things—Jameson soaked doughnuts on St. Patrick’s Day, black and white cookies for the premiere of Mad Men—so we’re anxious to find out what her “super secret” new project is.

The baker just posted a picture of herself with Mad Men actress Kiernan Shipka.  Shipka, who plays the nearly teenage Sally Draper, tweets often of her love for Babycakes.  “Kiernan Shipka guest starred in a video with me demonstrating the waffle recipe for a super secret BabyCakes project,” McKenna writes on the bakery’s blog.  “How adorbs is she in the uniform?!”

Now if someone could just get Don into uniform…

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