SYc nyc fashionweek Sisters Courtin Clarins, NYFW

SYc newyork fashionweek Sisters Courtin Clarins, NYFW

Sisters Courtin-Clarins, NYFW

Bonkers, right?!

The French sisters Courtin-Clarins from left to right: Virginie, Prisca, Claire and Jenna Courtin-Clarins. What this shot really makes me think of is how much I wanted a sister growing up. Sorry Eli, still love you ridiculously forever and always, but you didn’t exactly double up my wardrobe.

Can you imagine the fights between four sisters, all clothes horses, dressing for school every day? Of course, they’re probably far too chic to show any base emotions. A girl’s imagination can wander though… We are all still made up of the same skin and bones, what separates us is what we dress over it.

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