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It was SLove at first sight when I saw these new SLink Glitter Peeptoes Pumps! These pumps are mesh prim feet+shoes, and includes four HUDs to customize size, nail colors, skin color, and change the color on the bows & shoe.

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I’m really glad the multipack is scripted to change shoe colors so you only have to fit/size the shoes once, and let the HUDs do the rest. I did find it difficult to fit the shoe perfectly around my leg, but I’ve been having this difficulty ever since SLink shoes (that includes feet) ends higher at the ankle and is invisible inside. I really fail at this, but I did the best I could in the pictures shown here. These pictures are not Photoshopped, and as you can see, the shoe looks amazing! The “invisible line” is not visible unless you cam top down or from the bottom up… or if you’re able to size/fit it perfectly, there shouldn’t be a line at all (so I’m told).

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A close-up of the SLink Glitter Peeptoes pumps shoe+bow

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Check out some of the colors! Also, mix-and-matching colors is a breeze with the HUD. These are stunning and sparkly shoes, perfect for the holidays.

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