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My Adidas. I wore the three-stripes for years as a kid. I was a severe tomboy, way more interested in beating the boys in soccer than like being nice to them (I eventually grew out of the latter). I used to wear my white shell toes with green stripes, the original ones ya know and thought I was so cool.

We talked about neon trainers a few weeks ago here. At the precipice of fashion month I’m thinking très hard about what to pack and a pair of colourful sneakers may just find their way in amongst the prints, blouses, and blazers.

The truly bizarro thing is that Adidas has been the center of my top two favourite fashion moments.

The time I saw Kanye West at a Jeremy Scott fashion show in New York and watching everyone lose their minds over it then seeing him escape through the back exit. Or again in NYC, the Y3 show where Yohji Yamamoto used an armoury and transformed the space into a stadium. A wall of net dropped down in front of the photographer’s pit where I was crouched. Then who walked out? Zinédine Zidane with a ball. He shot it directly at us, major moment. One of those sequences of events I’ll always remember.

I have Adidas to thank for that.

Full disclosure: Adidas sponsored this post, but the stories are mine.

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