MKA 240x300 Steve Madden: Mary Kate and Ashley are ‘Winners’

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen flank Steve Madden in sneakers from The Row x Superga. Photo: Billy Farrell

Last night’s soiree for Superga’s newly minted creative directors, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, was a different kind of fashion party. Despite the savory samplings, bumping beats (courtesy of Harley Viera-Newton) and top tier tipples, the crowd at The Crosby Hotel was a little less statuesque than usual—and a helluva lot more comfortable!

Known for quirky sartorial choices and a love affair with high heels, reveler Leandra Medine rocked a gold pair of the chubby-soled sneaks, neatly tied around her ankles. “I have this weird thing about shoes being tied normally,” she confessed. “The bunny ear loops are kind of weird, right?” And when it comes to wearing her gilded pair all summer long, Medine has big plans. “I’ll wear them with an airy, loose, tentish dress or denim cutoffs with a long-sleeve, silk t-shirt.” Dannijo designer Danielle Snyder agreed that the sneakers perfectly anchor girlish looks. “I like to be a little bit feminine, but a little bit tomboyish,” she explained to ELLE. ” Supergas are great for that.”

418094 200x300 Steve Madden: Mary Kate and Ashley are ‘Winners’

DJ Harley Viera-Newton mans the turntables in cashmere kicks from the collection. Photo: Billy Farrell

Clairvoyant when it comes to style, Mary-Kate and Ashley knew the brand’s North American domination was only a matter of time. “It’s always been a brand that we loved,” enthused Ashley. “It’s been around for years, but just hasn’t been distributed to the U.S. in a really great way.” MK agreed: “It made sense for the collaboration with The Row because Superga is simple, modern, and classic.”

Of course, another celebration may be in order. The designers, alongside Proenza Schouler, are nominated for Womenswear Designer of the Year for The Row at the June 4 CFDA Awards. “We’re just really happy to be involved in this industry. And I think you just see a lot of the hard work that goes on every single day,” Ashley said of the distinction.

Put simply, “they’re winners,” gushed Steve Madden. “And it’s good to be with a winner.” The trio’s footwear collaborations, which include the successful Elizabeth and James range, have afforded him not only success, but the opportunity to learn from the indomitable duo. “We have shoes at Neiman Marcus. We have shoes at JCPenney and at Bergdorf Goodman. They are one of the few people that can do all that. I mean, Steve Madden is not in all those places!” But more than their marketing prowess, Madden’s most impressed with the pair’s commitment to punctuality. “They always show up on time!” he exclaimed. “I’m always shocked by that because celebrities never show up on time. I’m lucky to be able to work with them.”

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