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Street Style— In the Key of Life

The piano tie. I mean the skull and cross bones I could do without, truly. The horizontal stripes conjure images of Beetlejuice, piano keys and a quirky London Punk scene I know from “archival” photos. When, I’m assuming here, people played with fashion. The necktie, which is such a small factor to the overall ensemble creates the whole intrigue—the play.

For a couple seasons now the fashion world has seen the return to play. Prints-on-prints are all over every street style compilation. The theory for every dilettante with a VISA, “Pile it on. Get photographed.”

Over a bottle of Prosecco last night, friends and I debated the style validity of prints-on-print. (Yes, we can be that obnoxious.) It was almost unanimously decided that a. the trend has quite literally become over saturated, and b. its noxious thrown-together attitude absolutely transparent.

I welcome any semblance of care and meaning put into an ensemble. Taking that a step further, adore when someone clearly enjoys how they are dressed. They have taken the time to look good, making themselves feel good, there is a pride in being well put together. But, there needs to be fun too!

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