SYc nyfw streetstyle neonbag velvetloafers Street Style— Neon Bag and Velvet Loafers

Street Style— Neon Bag and Velvet Loafers

If I had all the clothes in the whole wide world in front of me today, this is the ensemble I would pick. Top to toe, the look is bang on.

The neon bag would make me happy every time it caught my eye.
My feet would be cushioned, like walking on silky clouds, in these cat motif velvet loafers by Tibi and Del Toro.
A bolero to match a chemise. I mean, whoa. Is this woman trying to win awards?
I’ve searched for so long for the perfect equestrian trouser, that is a little less for horses, and lot more for riding the metro. And she cuffed them. Every woman with a short inseam can attest that the hem roll is an art, to which our subject excels.

But my hair, well it would do what it does best, be wild&free!


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