S.Yarhi Mélanie Brisson 21 Street Style: Confetti Colour
S.Yarhi Mélanie Brisson Street Style: Confetti Colour

Street Style: Confetti Colour

I’ll leave you with Mélanie Brisson for a weekend cornucopia of colour inspiration. Take what you want from this look, or try to copy cat. The more colour this season the better. It’s all about so much clash and overload that the eye can’t fix on one tone. The whole becomes a beautiful sensory overload—sartorial ADHD if you will.

We captured this during the March heat wave of Toronto Fashion Week. Brisson is a Montréal stylist who was in town for the shows. She was such a sport to play with us at NOW for this look.

Merci bien Mélanie, vous êtes trop belle!

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