S.Yarhi elin kling nyfw Street Style: Elin Kling

Street Style: Elin Kling

Weekend Inspiration on a Friday the 13th. If it didn’t feel like it was 40 degrees I would want to wear this sheath. The breeze would be warm but cool enough to whisk the heat away. The dress would caress you and feel buttery smooth against your skin. You’re day would be perfect, like the kind when you find money, have every door held open for you, people smiling your way and greeting you with Good Afternoons. The kind of day that finds you on a rooftop patio with your best, most hilarious friends, laughing over cocktails, and watching the sunset.

As the sun sets the rain would start slowly at first, then quickly become a tropical storm. On queue the DJ would start playing your favourite tune, the one that makes you jump to your feet dancing around with your arms up high swaying side-to-side. The whole patio would erupt in feel-good dance mode, not caring about the rain, but relishing its cool touch. You’d carry on like this until your thighs and calves couldn’t take it any more. The rain would stop right then.

Spilling out into the streets to find that someone tucked a flower into your bicycle’s basket. You’d ride off still hot the cool breeze keeping you awake just long enough to get you home to your bed.

Elin Kling at New York Fashion Week.

Next Saturday come dance with Textstyles.

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