S.Yarhi emmanuelle alt and capucine safyurtlu mfw Street Style: Emmanuelle Alt et Capucine Safyurtlu

Street Style: Emmanuelle Alt et Capucine Safyurtlu

Skinny legs and button down shirts. Bonjour! It’s French Vogue, Emmanuelle Alt and Capucine Safyurtlu during Milan fashion week. So they say that dogs and their owners end up looking alike. Just like old married couples seem to look more and more alike with every fight, kiss and passing year. In high school everyone wanted to fit in, just be like the other kids to not stand out, it was a period of clone cliques. Fashion is supposed to be the solace from that. A place where everyone celebrates each other’s individuality by their trademark, albeit sometimes, kooky style.

The Vogue girls seem to factor somewhere into this. They apparently all love rock ‘n roll, Isabel Marant (which is like, so easy!) and Alaia pumps (again…).Emmanuelle has spearheaded the hair in your face, no makeup, skinny legs and half tucked button downs for years now. Do her girls change to follow her, or does she pick what her eye naturally tends to?

There is so much to love about her/their look. When a magazine team goes out to industry events it is typical that they have been briefed, told what is expected from them, their conduct, yada yada. I wonder what the wardrobe protocol is at Vogue.fr? I love it all so… but see, I have my Nonna’s legs and a 30 inseam.

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