S.Yarhi giovanna battaglia mfw Street Style: Giovanna Battaglia

Street Style: Giovanna Battaglia

Giovanna Battaglia outside the Marni show during Milan Fashion Week. Street style, to expound on yesterday’s post about candid vs. posed street photography, is by all means affected. The “it” girl subjects know they are going to be photographed and therefore dress to be photographed, but in that same breath, these girls work in fashion. Fashion is by definition affected. It’s a job of aesthetics. If you don’t care what you look like, generally you’re not interested in what others wear and thus why care about fashion, capital F?

Sure, it’s lame when you see all the girls wear the same outfit on a rotation. The neoprene Balenciaga shirt, the printed Prada suit, they all had it for a day, I doubt any of them bought it. There are still the girls like Giovanna who do do them. I mean to say, she’s got a style wholly unto herself. There may be trendy pieces in the mix, some show-stoppers even, but the look is always her own.

If fashion is in fact, affected, and unabashedly so, what’s the problem? What’s the healthy word out there?

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