S.Yarhi london street style Street Style: London Is Calling

Street Style: London Is Calling

London is calling! I flew in last night from Los Angeles, I’m still jet lagged (I’m only on my first coffee). After exploring the California climate for a week, baring skin and snapping palm trees, it’s hard to adjust. Toronto is cold, a bit damp, but really just très chilly. So as I lay in bed this morning thinking about what to wear I started thinking about layering. How to stay warm and stylish simultaneously. If ever you’ve seen a parka you know it’s black and bulky and utilitarian. This shot came to mind.

I’ve got London on the brain. This model had the idea of fall dressing down perfectly. I wouldn’t be showing that much ankle today where I live, nor would I text without gloves. Overall I dig this look. The quirky english rose (although, I’m sure she’s not a brit).

Who can name that model?

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