I met this company on Facebook and won a discount coupon to use on their products. They carry a full line of make up and skin care and are located in the UK.  Since you all know I don’t need makeup, but they do have some nice stuff on their site!! I went for the skin care, so I picked out the Facial Regnerator. 

Facial+Regenerator Ten Image Facial Regenerator

      Exfoliating scrub rich in moisturising and repairing ingredients. It is formulated with natural particles which remove dead skin cells.
The facial regenerator contains shea butter, which protects and repairs the skin, avocado oil provides antioxidant vitamins A and E, while sweet almond oil provides the skin with a protecting layer.

Unit: 250ml.
(Travel size 50ml available)

 I love scrubs, so I thought let me try this one. Took about 7-10 days to get here from the UK.  I use scrubs in the AM, so tried this one out and WOW!!! It didn’t have instructions, or I didn’t see them LOL!! So I took some out of the tube and rub it on my face and it felt wonderful creamy not scratchy, massaged it on my face gently and rinsed off with warm water. The Facial Rengenerator came off easily with water, unlike some do. Then I took a wash cloth and wiped off what was left. My skin was super smooth and soft.   LOVE IT!!!! This will be one of my everday skin care items I use. You can also wet your hands and put somein your hands and massage onto your face, or wet your face and do it or use it on a dry face.  No matter how you use it it works. Lot of scrubs are rough or gritty this one is NOT. Good on the lips also. I think the Facial Rengenerator is a winner.  Here is a link to the website check them out,  http://cazcarralondon.com/      Now you all know I did get some make up, so there will be a review of what I got!

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