I don’t remember much about buying these shoes, but I do remember questioning whether they were hot or not. In the end I bought them because they were just too odd to pass up. Over the years, I’ve been too shy to wear them, but too fascinated to toss them!

vintageshoes Thanks Tana for $500 for Browns and a Basketful of Shoe Products!

As it turns out, my funky heels came in handy as I was getting ready for last week’s Tana Spring 2012 Shoe Trends event at Black Moon Lounge. Not only was fashion guru Adrian Mainella hosting it, but there was also a competition for the best shoes. To my surprise, Mainella picked my kooky vintage kicks as the best of the evening! (I won against a pair of Balenciagas and Calvin Kleins!) I won a gift card for Browns Shoes and a basketful of awesome Tana shoe care products!

tanaproducts Thanks Tana for $500 for Browns and a Basketful of Shoe Products!

As I was digging through my newly acquired booty, I felt guilty. Like most folks, I don’t mind dropping big bucks on shoes, but I tend to be lax in the care department. I instantly fell in love with the Tana® Shine Sponge in neutral, since I can give my shoes a quick high gloss shine, before I head out the door! I’m also looking forward to cleaning my summer shoes with the Universal Sandal Care before I put them away for the season. Thank you Tana!

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