S.Yarhi Street Style Art and Artifice The Enduring Art & Artifice of Fashion Week and Street Style.

The Enduring Art & Artifice of Fashion Week and Street Style.

In case you missed it, or don’t live in Canada, this weekend I had a piece (+ photos) published in The National Post. I wrote about my experience on my first full international fashion week circuit: New York, London, Milan and Paris. The trip was sensational and I loved my time abroad. So much so, that I can’t bloody wait for the next one… it really is like a drug. One street styler told me, “It hits you when you get home and then you crave it again.” I get it now.

Here’s the intro from my piece for The Post:
London, 5 a.m. A street cleaner and I are the only souls in the street. I’m off to the train that will take me to the plane that will bring me to the next brouhaha. I’m a street style photographer following the international fashion tour, a four-week runway circus from New York to London, Milan to Paris. Not a day off in between. For the past four years I’ve shot in Toronto and New York, but this past September marked my first full circuit — 28 non-stop days capturing snaps for clients such as Eluxe.ca and Fashion magazine, as well as Textstyles.ca, my own site. My days of shooting street style for the love of it are over. I’m now paid: After long days, nightly deadlines loom and, with them, the stress of delivering — of finding new street-style darlings and artfully taking their photograph.

To read the full article you can click here.

I’m so happy to have met/worked alongside some talented and crazy people. Can’t wait for February!

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