We found this product at The Makeup Show Chicago along with a lot of other great products. The vendors at the show this year were amazing. But The London Brush Soap is my favorite item from the show this year. If you wear makeup and uses brush you have to clean your brushes at least once a week!!
This brush soap has got to be the best hands down the best I have used. I bought the Lemon. The scents are Lemon, Lavender and Natural. The scents are not overpowering they are light and clean smelling. Since I have bought this I am obsessed with washing my brushes now. 

Ingredients: Goats milk, olive oil, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, olive butter & essential oils.
The soap comes in 2 sizes a 2 oz for $20.00 and a 1 oz for $14.00.

You wet your brush (with water) and then swish it around on the solid soap in the tub. You then rub the bristles between your fingers and rinse with water and the eyeshadow, foundation and concealer comes right out of the brush.You can use it on natural bristles or synthetics. I found that with my synthetic kabuki it takes me a couple try to get it clean, but it takes all the makeup out of the brush! Gel liners come out of the brush like magic so does lipstick. The soap leaves your brushes clean and soft, not like some cleaners can make them stiff and again NO HARSH smell like some other cleaners.  After your rinse them clean I take a towel and try and get more water out of them and then lay flat over the edge of your sink to dry. NEVER stand them up when they are wet.
The London Brush also have great brushes, we did get a few of those also and they are amazing!
You can find these items of course on The London Brush website and they also sell at different retailers so check that out also. Of course we will be selling the soap along with our brushes they go hand in hand. 
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