I kind of like doing memes. Especially when they let us take a peek into the lives of SL residents we never talk to. It's nice to get to know people without actually umm…getting to know them, I guess! Since I like doing memes, I decided to do Rose's meme. It's an easier one with a bunch of questions and no set guidelines for your pic. This suits me perfectly because I'm so bad at putting together a specific look for a picture on a deadline. Those of you who are close to me know me as Kis…the totally random and silly, super loyal kick ass bestie who wears her heart on her sleeve and never holds back her opinion and those of you who aren't close to me, I hope this helps you get to know me. Since I'm always up for some fun on SL, I decided to use a fun image I took of myself with this adorable monkey bar set that fri.day has out for Pose Fair. Now on with the questions!

Hangin+Out The Real Me Is Definitely Unperfect Meme

1. What is the thing you fear most in the world above dying (that is if you fear death)? Disappointing my child as her parent. I don't want her to hate me or have ill feelings towards me when she's older because her father isn't in her life.

2. When’s the last time you sat down and contemplated where your life was going, and what did you concluded from that? I do this daily and I concluded that my life isn't going in the direction I had hoped so I enrolled back in school and am trying to better myself little by little.

3. If you could give any one person in the world a wish, a wish you knew you could grant, what would it be, and why would you give it to them? I'd take cerebral palsy away from my brother and let him live a normal life. I don't think anyone should have to struggle with handicaps or illnesses and since he's the person I love most who is struggling with something like that right now, I choose him.

4. Cat, dog, rabbit, horse, chicken, dolphin? There are so many animals in the world, if you could be one, and had to think, act, be like one, with out human thoughts, emotions, perception of the world, which would you be, and why? Hmm, tough question. I'd say an Eagle. I'd love to be able to fly anywhere I please.

5. Today is the last day you’ll ever see your family. Some you may love, some you may hate, other you may not have any emotional attachment to. What would you do? Spend it with them doing what makes me happiest and just savoring the small stuff. I'd probably cry a lot though.

6. Given the chance to travel to one country -ONLY – in your whole life, other than the one you’ve grown up in, or have found yourself living in (pretend you’ve gone to no other country in the world other than the one you now call home) where would it be? Why, and for how long? Seriously!!! Just one?!!! I need to visit a lot of places! Ah, if I had to choose one though, it'd have to be Costa Rica. Everyone who has gone there has told me it's really beautiful and I love nature. I'd love to go cave tubing and ziplining and just roam the rainforest taking pictures and enjoying the scenery. I think I deserve a few months of relaxation! 

7. Quick you have to pick 5 things to take with you as you are rushing out of the house- you don’t know what’s happening, where you’re going, whom is taking you where, or why, but you do know you can carry about 5 things, in the small bag you’ve given to take with you. What do you choose? A photo album from when I had my daughter and she was a baby, her two favorite stuffed animals, her favorite blanket, and my laptop. I'd take her things because I couldn't bear to have her upset and my stuff besides personal mementos is replaceable.

8. You’re sitting in a dream, you can tell you’re dreaming, but you’re not awake enough to move. What do you see? Is anyone there? (be creative, make something up, or recall a dream you had before) I see my future. I'm happy and with someone who makes me feel content. We are sitting in our beautiful backyard on a summer night watching our kids play as the fireflies twinkle. I feel at ease and know that everyone I love is near and that they are happy too.

9. What color do you think you are? Hmm, teal. Something bright but with a little darkness to it. I am genuinely a happy person but sometimes late at night, I have moments of sadness.

10. If when it came to blogging, if you blog, no one say your blogs, no one commented, no one noticed, no one cared, at all, would you keep blogging? Yes, because for the most part, I don't think anyone reads my blog anyways. I know my close friends do and I love them for that but I don't think anyone else does unless I'm blogging freebies. I blog because it's therapeutic to me and gives me a purpose for being on SL. Plus, I love to play dress up on here. It's way easier to look good on SL than it is in RL.

Well there you have it! A little bit of my RL. If you want to do this challenge, you can read more about it here.

To see what I'm wearing, keep reading.

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