bad rabbits  The Sundance Film Music Festival

Photo: Getty Images

At last night’s Bad Rabbits concert, part of Google Music’s residency at T-Mobile’s Tao pop-up at the Sundance Film Festival, lead singer Fredua Boakye said, “Welcome to the Sundance Music Festival!” It took him a few beats to realize his mistake, “I mean film, film festival!”

Boakye needn’t have corrected himself. It took me 24 hours in Park City to hear anyone talk about a movie. The crowds—celebrities included—seemed far more interested in gathering the free swag lining Main Street than discussing the finer points of Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present

The music, however, holds everyone’s attention.  On one end of Main Street, Google Music’s presenting a roster of up-and-coming artists.  On the other, its rival Bing is breaking out the big names (Wiz Khalifa, Drake).  One could argue that Google doesn’t need those bold-faced names (since it’s the search engine that everyone actually uses) but they’re attracting plenty—the Mary J. Bliges and Lil Jons are just in the audience instead of on stage leading to unmatched enthusiasm from the little known bands performing.

Maybe tomorrow we’ll talk about the movies—for now, we’re off to a concert.

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