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Cheese! I like using emotes, it’s not too hard to capture a realistic expression if you’re patient. I had to clean up the lips edge a bit in the picture above cos smiling causes the texture in that area to stretch, ugh :X Don’t ever pay for an emoter HUD, they’re usually free on Marketplace. If you see someone selling one, they’re just reselling the freebie emotes that have been around forever.

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TOXIC has just released this Military Jacket in a range of colors, and they’re so cute! I could have totally used this for my stewardess post a few weeks ago. I love this rich Blue color & all the details on the shirt (small texture buttons & sculpted collar, sleeves, and epaulette).

What I’m Wearing:

Truth – Faith (Swedish)
TOXIC – Military Jacket (Blue)
N-Core – COQUETTE (Black)
Fishy Strawberry – Lingerie Soignee Black Stockings

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