photo Travel: Fleeing The City

Travel: Fleeing The City

Welcome August long weekend! It’s time to get away from this city. We’re gonna pack into a car in no time at all with a bird, my brother’s new fancy Parrot, but it’s not called a Parrot it’s called something else. So to get me in the mood for a 3 hour car ride with a Parrot I remembered this photo, taken on my iPhone for my instagram last month in Gravenhurst, his name was Floyd.

Every year we go to the same camp of cottages, where my dad has gone since he was a new immigrant kid. The people we go up with are the same, every generation swells and we grow some more. This season we’ve got a 5th generation coming up for the first time and I can’t wait to splash around with him. It’s no Corsica, or the Greek Isles, but it is the most nostalgic, sentimental place to me. This is where I got to run around barefoot without my parents watching. Explore, catch frogs, spin around, play night tag, essentially do all the things that were absolutely forboden growing up in the city.

I’m gonna stop typing cause I have to throw whatever I can find in a bag and get the hell outta here!

Where are you going this long weekend?


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