becks  Victoria Beckham’s Making Range Rovers Now

Photo: Range Rover

While you were riding the subway in sneakers this weekend, Victoria Beckham was in Beijing unveiling her bespoke Range Rover.  Just how fancy is a custom designed Range Rover with the name “Beckham” in front of it?  The car above is hand-finished with matte grey paint with glossy black forged alloy wheels, mohair floor mats inspired by her father’s Rolls Royce and rose-gold details. Beckham, who’s earned the title Creative Design Executive, covered the interiors with vintage tan leather and stitches resembling those on a baseball chosen, according to the release, “as a tongue-in-cheek reference to her athletic husband David,” (though he plays soccer?).  Range Rover will close the list of orders once it hits 200, but those lucky customers will get a set of luggage with their car, made of black leather and lined with the same microsuede you’ll find on the vehicle’s roof, as well as a wallet signed by Victoria herself.  You’ll probably never be able to bend it quite like Becks, but for £79,995, almost $129,000, you can drive like him!

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