140863636 Watch Daphne Guinness Sing Live

Photo: Getty Images

Daphne Guinness, the couture-loving beer heiress, recently hinted that she was recording an album, and now, she’s up and done a live performance. Guinness took the stage for a four-song set over the weekend at Arlene’s Grocery on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. According to her Twitter, the band Element 4 called to ask her if she’d perform with them, and she agreed.

“It was VERY impromptu, sang 4 songs, Never did that before,” she Tweeted, adding: “I am normally ill with nerves, but it was great, the band was great, to gel with a band in24 hrs is amazing.” Guinness, who calls herself “a classical singer,” also spoke again of that aforementioned album: “I am going [sp] to record this summer…. Rock and Roll I guess and some opera.” A video of her rendition of Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” from last weekend, after the cut.

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