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Meet S, my alt on a budget. For this year’s Newbie Style Challenge II, I knew right away that I wanted to clone myself. I’m terrible at making alts that differs from Gogo, so I just went ahead and made Gogo on a budget.

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I knew my biggest challenge would be finding a skin that I liked that also fits my budget. I didn’t want to spend more than $100L, but cheap and pretty skins, are hard to come by. Luckily, my friend Pumpkin sent me a skin tip about Pink Fuel reducing the price of the old Ember skins to $100L each! I’m already a Pink Fuel lover (Elly is my main skin now) so I went and snapped up the Ember skin for my alt. I added some red lipstick tattoo from Pekka ($120L) and also splurged on Redgrave lashes ($90L).

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At The Dressing Room Blue, I found the Iona hairstyle from Exile for $60L (pack of 4 colors) and at The Fashion Garret, I found a pair of Mox Spore & Fawn shoes by Argyle Anonymous for $70L. I went with the old Dana 76 Jeans from Decoy for $100L (stole the idea from Sehra Kauffman), and spent $1L on eyes from Aphotic Gloom. At this point, I was pretty much out of money, so I remembered that Friday had a ton of freebies, and went to pick up the Basic White Cami ($0L) and added the Wide Scarf from Mr. Poet to complete the look (also $0L).

Before this challenge, I thought that there was an overabundance of discounts/sales events, but I’ve changed my mind about that. There may be a lot of them, but they’re all offering different stuff, so there’s something for everyone. For someone on a budget, these sales events are fun and also a way for them to add to their wardrobe without going b-r-o-k-e.

Now that the challenge is over for me, I can’t wait to turn my alt into a lil’ Gogo. Time to give her more money$!

What S is wearing:

Exile – Iona (TDR Blue) $60L
Pink Fuel – Ember (Honey) Pure $100L
Pekka – FLAVOUR Lipstick (Red) $120L
Redgrave – Eyelashes $90L
Aphotic Gloom – Clarus Eyes Collection (Watermelon) $1L
Decoy – Dana 76 Jeans (Dark) $100L
Mr.Poet – Wide Scarf (Free Gift) $0L
Argyle Anonymous – Mox Spore & Fawn TFG $70L
Friday – Basic.Cami (White) Freebie $0L

Total ——- $541L

What I’m Wearing:

Same skin, lashes, lipstick tattoo
Exile – Miu (Roots) Stefani
League – Vintage Lace Cardigan (Brown) Vintage Fair
League –  Full Lace Skirt Vintage Fair
Mon Tissu – Montsegur Pumps (Camel)

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