S.Yarhi Street Style TFW 21 What To Pack?

What To Pack?

Since I revealed the big news yesterday now we can all put our heads together and figure out the big question: What to pack?! I hate packing, I either bring way too much, or just not enough. I try to think in outfits, but then once I’m at the destination I have a change of heart, hate everything in my suitcase, and wonder if someone will Fedex me the pieces I wish I’d brought. Does this sound familiar?

I love this look. Not exactly “on trend”, but who care about that really? The shearling vest isn’t going anywhere. Ripped boyfriend jeans, so good and the sunglasses give you that badass ‘tude.

So, imagine you’re going on a trip, for a month, and have one suitcase (lets say of moderate size) to work with. What do you pack?



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