jake mimi When Menswear Meets Nail Art

Mimi's galaxy nails and Jake's Nepenthes Galaxy shirt.

Last season, Miu Miu’s glitter bootie ruled the front row, this season, nail art was the number one accessory.  Everywhere we went, from shows to parties to dinners to the subway, we heard squeals of, “Oh my god! Your nails!!”   There were Hello Kitty-themed thumbs downtown and a flaming tribute to Prada uptown, sailor stripes at Milk and metallic minx in the office.

Eventually, we stumbled across one set of nails that made us stop in our tracks.  Turns out Mimi Fukuyoshi, Park & Bond‘s Divisional Merchandising Manager, gets her inspiration from close friend Jake Davis.  When she went to Marie Nails in search of the solar powered nails above, she brought a picture of Davis’ Nepenthes Galaxy shirt; it looks like the shirt was just ironed on to her nails.  Turns out, this has become something of a habit.  Davis was kind enough to send along another picture of her past inspiration, after the jump.

mimijake When Menswear Meets Nail Art

At left, Davis, at right, Mimi's nails.

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