*Just a little warning. This post is going to be picture and text heavy but it’s for a good cause so keep reading*

Hi readers! In just a few hours, the 2012 Xmas Expo will open. This event is a fundraiser event for Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society. It runs from Dec. 6th -19th and features everything from races to auctions to live music, and of course, shopping! I’ve got a few pics of some of the fabulous goodies you can purchase at this event with a portion of the proceeds of these sales going to charity. If you’d like to read more about this wonderful event, you can check out the Xmas Expo website or pay it a visit and see for yourself! With the event spanning over 4 sims, it’s definitely got something for everyone!

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First, let’s start with some furniture. The awesome mesh fireplace and cozy chair are from Katy’s Kreations. As you can see, the texturing in these items is amazing and the chair has 7 sits with mirror versions making it perfect for lounging up in front of the fire. Speaking of fireplaces, this next holiday themed one is by PRIME 1 and features adorable little built in seats with 4 sits making it perfect for holiday photos.

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Some more cutesy furniture you’ll find is this comfy little chair and table set by Park Place Home Decor. This wintery set comes complete with a little area rug and some milk and cookies making for the perfect Christmas treat. I posed this adorable mesh owl that will be available from Purple Moon on the chair cause I thought it was a fun little decor item.

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Now moving away from furniture, I’ve got to show off this pretty icy sequined dress from Sassy! It’s perfectly sexy and ready for you to wear to all your holiday parties. I paired it with this festive skin from Diamond Style that features glittery eyes and soft pink lips. I think this skin is truly a raven haired skin so all you Snow White types will look fabulous in it.

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As you can see, this event has lots of goodies to be had and this is only a small portion of it. Plus when the proceeds go to such a fantastic charity that benefits a condition that has I’m sure touched all of us in some way, you can’t help but want to go so hurry over to Xmas Expo and spend some dough!

Style Card

Pic 1:
Fireplace: Katy’s Kreations (Katy Dirkle) Mesh Ruby Fireplace (Xmas Expo!)
Chair: Katy’s Kreations (Katy Dirkle) Snuggly Armchair (Xmas Expo!)

Pic 2:
Fireplace: PRIME 1 (Reven Rosca) Christmas Fireplace (Xmas Expo!)

Pic 3:
Chair Set: [Park Place] (DeAnn Defaux) Blue Upholstered Chair Set (Xmas Expo!)
Owl: *PMoon (Lua Vendetta) Mesh Owl Xmas Spirit (Xmas Expo!)

Pic 4:
Skin: Diamond Style (Cristal Triellis) Samantha Skin (Xmas Expo!)
Dress: Sassy! (Ivy Burner) Julia Dress in White (Xmas Expo!)

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