gqlondon07 300x207 Mens Blazer Tips For This FallThe autumn is a great time for fashion because we can wear more than we do during the summer. That means scarves, jackets, and overcoats –layers of possibility. Perhaps I’m most excited about again wearing mens blazers. This season there are a lot of new ones, whether you’re wearing them with men designer suits or with jeans and a t-shirt.

First off, add a pocket square to your collection. Think silk and in bold colors or classic. One of each maybe.

Last year sports coats were all grey herringbone; this year they’re brighter and more colorful.

The double breasted jacket is back big time this year as a nod to ’70s fashion. You should be aware of a sharper peak, a wider lapel, a more tailored fit–high shoulders and slimmer waist– and a little shorter in length than its forerunners.

Pair it with a brightly colored shirt and a plaid tie and feel like the best dressed man in the room. A fine-gauge turtleneck is also a fine pairing.

When it comes to an overcoat, don’t overdo it –if you’re wearing a double-breasted below, go single-breasted on top. The car coat, or a light camel coat is a great addition.

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