Hi Or should I say “HOW” ????☺ !

I’M Lee J Guerrero
Guerrero means Warrior in Spanish

As a American Indian 97.7 Chippewa and Lakota, Sioux Indian I heard from my father’ father my grandfather The native stories The American Indian was fighting against Other tribes… Fighting against Geronimo ,Crazy Horse, And then the white man custard and The Spanish man Pancho Via …. The trail of tears.. Was the venomous trail … Is the old goodnight walk through the snow from Minnesota all the way to Mexico… They died on the way …. I am still fighting for this land because I’m the one that was never given anything for the American Indian who “buried the hatchet” and took the white man’s way of life ….. …… What was the Native American indian given …. As a government contractor I can’t even get the contract to clean up the Snake River going into puget sound that is killing our salmon whales….. ….

Warrior 353 Dam designs ….
Get this out to our congressional leaders if we don’t clean up the water now and have a new hydro electric titanium generators / Reverse osmosis cleaning the water Before goes back into the Snake River…. / My dam also have solar panels…. …. Congress that Congress would not allow American Indian to fight for his own land , For salmon whales are dying from a parasite and polluted water eventually were gonna be dying eating our salmon and …. ….
Warrior 353 ????Jeans LLC

Get this Message out to our new President Joe Biden ???? ASAP !

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