I have seen a number of Curtis photos living in WY and now Montana;
In researching some Plein-aire painters i stumbled into a fine exhibit of a Curtis contemporary but i forgot the Photographers name, However it mirrored this cultural composition in every way…curated by the great great great granddaughter whose ancestors were the photos. The curators presentation came with a similar thread of knowing that there was a contingent that didn’t care for this photographer for stealing their spirit with his camera!
Be that as it may, the curator did a splendid job and her written piece on the show is break out the kleenex fershere
So when is saw this link i gravitated right away… Such gentile if not fragile Mr Curtis works.
He had to deal with what is a GOOD Piece of Photographic production…and the 1st rule is Composition and that separates the pro from the ho hum shoot from the hip snap shots…NO Sir, He ARRANGED his compositions, carefully ~ each delicate face and body angles ~ there is nothing slam bam about Mr. Curtis’s work.
Essentially the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. These works are saturated with TLC and Talent.

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