134223884 Sarah Burton Still Can’t Talk About Kate’s Wedding Dress

Photo: Getty Images

It’s been almost a year since Kate Middleton’s Sarah Burton for McQueen-designed wedding dress made its debut on live television, but it seems that Burton is still under a confidentiality agreement when it comes to the subject.

Sarah Jessica Parker recently spoke to Burton for Interview, and when Parker inquired about working on Middleton’s wedding dress, Burton replied: “Um, I mean . . . I’m not actually allowed to talk much about it at all. It was a precious, magical time that I’ll always treasure, and I feel like she gave me a gift in many ways. I feel incredibly privileged.”

Burton does have a history of being shy, however. She says of her college years, when she was just beginning to intern at McQueen: “I think maybe I was quite shy. I wasn’t the trendiest girl at college. I just loved what I was doing. I loved research at the time. I think I was always in the print room working.”

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